Day 1 – 5/22

What a frackin’ long day it was! We got out of bed at 3:30AM so that we could catch a 7:40AM flight from SFO. Our connecting flight was in Houston, and we actually arrove a little bit early, at 1:10PM. But that’s when our luck ran out. There were thunderstorms in the early AM in Houston that wreaked havoc with flight schedules even though it was clear skies by the time we got there. A gate wasn’t available until 2:00PM, so we actually had to sit tight in the plane until then. We were supposed to catch a 3:50PM flight to Lima, but that flight kept getting delayed and delayed again. We finally took off at 6:39PM, and we didn’t get into Lima until 1:00AM. It wasn’t until 2:30AM before we made it to our hotel.

OK, enough of this. It’s 3:30AM, and it’s time for me to catch some shut eye. The fun part of my vacation begins tomorrow, or should I say later today.

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