Day 4 – 5/25 – Maras

10:00AM – Natalie and Luco picked us up after breakfast and took us to Maras, which was about an hour’s drive away.

11:30AM – We first stopped at Moray, an Inca experimental farm. Upon first glance, it looked like a stadium. However, it was designed in such a way that each tier was at a different temperature, so that a different type of crop could be raised on each level.

1:00PM – We arrived at the Sal Natural y Ecologico (Salt Mines) and had boxed lunches in the car. There were over a thousand salt beds, and Alice tried to take a picture of each one. 😛 I bought a couple bags of salted beans for 1 solis (approximately 33 cents) each. They tasted especially good when fresh.

4:00PM – We arrived back at the hotel and decided to look for the alpacas that lived at our hotel. There were two of them. I fed them while Alice took pictures. Afterwards, we wandered around the little shops outside of our hotel.

6:30PM – We decided to eat at the hotel again, since we wanted to be able to sleep early. We’ve got another early start tomorrow.

9:00PM – I tried to use the public computer to post today’s travel blog. I was almost done when the computer froze. Frackin’ Microsoft! We’re checking out of this hotel tomorrow. Hopefully the next one will have WiFi.

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