Day 10 -5/31 – Amazon Jungle

6:30AM – I woke up this morning not feeling so hot. Maybe the lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. We grabbed a quick bite downstairs and then checked out of our hotel. We couldn’t wait to get out of this place.

8:30AM – A big Exploroama bus full of tourists picked us up from our hotel. We made one more stop at another hotel before heading to Explororama’s main office. We dropped off our luggage and boarded the boat. We left the dock from the Italia River which meets up with the Amazon River. It would be a 45 minute ride to Ceiba Tops, our hotel.

10:30AM – After applying bug repellent, we met up with Carlos for a walking tour. He showed us birds, trees, frogs, fruits, and bugs that are commonly found in the jungle. I’m not sure how much Alice saw though; she was busy swatting away mosquitoes.

12:30PM – Lunch was a buffet where many common Peruvian dishes were served.

2:30PM – Roldan took us on a boat to see the pink and gray dolphins. It took a while at first, but we finally got the hang of watching the dolphins surface as they came up for air. The gray ones are female and the pink one are male. Next, we visited the Yagua tribe. They performed many ceremonial dances passed on from their ancestors. I even joined in on the fun. After the performance, they brought us outside to try their blow darts. When it was my turn, I missed to the left. So I recalibrated a little and hit the target on my very next try. Alice gave it a go too, but she couldn’t get any distance. After that, we went to the area where the tribe was selling their hand crafts. I got myself a miniature version of the blow dart. Watch out everyone; I’m armed and dangerous!

4:30PM – We got back to the hotel and rested before dinner.

7:30PM – We had buffet dinner st the lodge.

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