Stanley Keg Playoffs

I think it has probably been atleast 4 years since my team has made it to the championship game, but we finally made it and will be playing next Wednesday 3/19/2008 @ 8:15PM. It took overtime for us to get out of the first round with a 4-3 victory. And last night’s 6-2 semi-final victory has us playing for the Stanley Keg next Wednesday. In years past, free dinner was provided to guests during the championship games. But that was years ago and under different management, so I don’t know if they still provide food during the game. I will have to find that out get back to you. Let me know if you will be interested in attending. If so, root for the Geckos (Blue Team) and keep an eye out for #6 (I think that’s my number; I will have to check on that too).

Final Scores:
Geckos 4, Suns 3 (OT)
Geckos 6, Desert Dogs 2

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