Geckos 8, Oasis 6

I decided to give my back a rest and skipped out on last week’s consolation game.  I had played hockey for five consecutive weeks, and I didn’t want to push my luck in a meaningless game.  This week was the start of the Fall 2007/Winter 2008 season, and I was assigned to the Geckos.  Some familiar faces that joined me on the Geckos were Ryan Aberg and Dan Brukwinski, who were both on my team from last season and the season before.  Guy Fullerton was a former teammate from a few seasons ago.  And then there was Mark Wilson from a few years ago, but he was out due to a foot injury that he suffered while on vacation.

I think we’ve got a good team this season, but we’ll have to wait and see if the league will break us apart. We dominated most of the game and was ahead 8-4 at one point. I contributed 2 goals on 4 shots on goal. My first goal was actually a busted play. While carrying the puck towards the net, I spotted my teammate trailing the play to my left. However, I made a poor pass and put the puck at her feet. She couldn’t get a solid shot off and it caromed off a defender’s skate. The goalie (Ed McKnight) scrambled to locate the puck, but I found it first. It had bounced to my right, and I had a wide open net to shoot at. My second goal was another one that resulted from being at the right place at the right time. I was trailing the play as my teammate was on a 1-on-1 fast break. He got a shot off that the goalie was able to stop, but I picked up the rebound and flipped it over the goalie’s outstretched glove.

The week off did help my back.  It’s not completely healed, but I was able to skate more aggressively.  My back did get a
little bit sore after the game, but not as bad as after previous games.

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