Geckos 4, Arabian Knights 3

I played well tonight but had nothing to show for it on the scoresheet.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since we did get the victory.  Acutally, I did have 5 shots on goal and four of those shots were excellent scoring opportunities, but the goalie just had my number tonight.  Here’s a recap of my scoring opportunities.  With heavy traffic in front of the net, I fired a shot off the goalie’s right shoulder for my first SOG.  Later in the game, I blocked a shot attempt from the opposing defenseman which resulted in a fast break in the other direction.  I skated in from the right side and tried to wait out the goalie.  As he moved to cover the near side, I tried to fire a shot across his body to the spot he vacated.  I almost had him too, but he was just able to get a piece of the puck with his right arm.  My best opportunity came when my linemate fed me the puck in front of the net for a one-timer.  I unloaded, but drilled the puck into the goalie’s facemask.  I had one more solid opportunity later in the game.  Right off the faceoff, my center drew the puck to his right where I was.  Although I had the opposing defenseman draped all over me, I was able to protect the puck, spin and fire a forehand shot which the goalie paddled away.

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