Dumbest Move Ever

I got home a little bit early so that I could eat, stretch, and then get to my hockey game without rushing.  It’s the playoffs after all.  I got home maybe a little bit too early!  With some time to kill before dinner, I decided to play a few minutes of WiiFit which I had borrowed from Ben.  After a few minutes of same old exercises, I unlocked the Snowboard Slalom.  Cool!  First time through, I missed a bunch of the gates which resulted in time penalties.  Second time through, I got an even slower time than my first attempt.  I kept trying over and over again, but I wasn’t getting any better.  So after, I finished my last run, I hopped off the WiiFit board and kicked the sofa in frustration.  It wasn’t even a hard kick.  It’s just that I was expecting the sofa to be very soft, but found a spot that was very hard.  It felt like I had stubbed my toe.  But when the pain wouldn’t subside I knew it was much, much worse.  I guess I get to visit the doctor’s office tomorrow to figure out how badly I hurt my big toe on my left foot.  Oh boy, I can’t wait to tell my teammates why I missed our playoff game.

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