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Top 1800

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I’m slowly moving up the drum leaderboards.  I improved on a couple of songs and am now ranked #1783.  I haven’t tried Run to the Hills yet.  I still have four more days to pass it before the release of Rock Band 2.

Won’t Get Fooled Today

Monday, October 13th, 2008

I finally beat the song Won’t Get Fooled Again on expert drums. Just one more song to go, and I will have completed the Expert Drum Solo Tour for Rock Band. I want to complete Rock Band before moving on to Rock Band 2, so I’ve got six more days until Rock Band 2 is released for the PS3. 

One more thing.  I also managed to climb up to #1812 on the PS3 drum leaderboards. 

Injury Update and Start of Fall 2008/Winter 2009 Season

Friday, October 10th, 2008

X-rays seem to indicate that I did fracture my left big toe, but they weren’t conclusive.  However, the pain seems to be radiating from where the x-ray hints at a fracture; so I, myself, conclude that it must be broken.  I missed the first round of the playoffs due to the broken toe, but my team managed to win a nailbiter without me.  I was able to lace up the skates for the semifinal matchup versus the number two seed, but we couldn’t pull off the upset.  I thought I skated pretty well, but one of my teammates did notice that I was favoring my injured foot during non-critical plays.  So, I guess whenever the adrenaline was going, I skated normally.

So, I skipped the consolation game to rest my toe and was back on the ice with my team last week.  This season, I’m playing for the Geckos with a lot of players that have been on my team before.  I’ve never been on the same team with only three of my current teammates.   So, it shouldn’t take me too long to click with my current team.  We won last week’s game 5-4 against the Desert Dogs.  I didn’t contribute anything to the scoresheet, and didn’t have a vert good game.  So, I stayed and played one more game since the game after ours needed players.  I always get the urge to play another game whenever I have a bad game; or else it’s another week before I can redeem myself.  Unfortunately, I didn’t fare any better in the second game, and my team lost 8-4.

I finally had a good game this week though.  I contributed two goals and an assist in a 7-5 victory over the Arabian Knights.  I tied the game at four apiece with my first goal of the season.  My teammate Jason had the puck in the corner and spotted me trailing the play.  He got me the puck and I had plenty of time to shoot.  I put everything I had behind the shot and my shot glanced off the goalie and in.  Later, I returned the favor by setting Jason up with a goal.  I was streaking down the right side with the puck looking for an opening to shoot at.  The goalie came out a little to cut the angle, and that’s when I spotted Jason streaking down the center of the ice.  I fed him in front of the net for an easy one since the goalie had come out to take away my shot.  And finally, late in the third period, I jammed in a rebound to seal our victory with our seventh goal.

I No Longer Fear the Reaper

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I finally beat the song “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” on Rock Band today.  I have been stuck on this song for over a month….quite possibly two months.  When I finally beat the song, I got up and ran circles around the living room to celebrate.  Well, atleast I tried to run but my leg was so tired from the constant use of the bass pedal that I only managed to hobble around the room.  Now I only have two more songs to go before I finish the Expert Solo Drum Tour.  Rock Band 2 comes out in 11 days, so hopefully I can beat those two songs by then.

As a bonus, I was also able to move up the PS3 Solo Drum Career leaderboard.  Right now I’m at #1841; the highest I’ve ever been.  Woohoo!