Day 2 – 1/27 – Grand Canyon

The lone item on today’s itinerary was an all-day bus tour of the Grand Canyon. Vision Tours picked us up at 6:05AM from the Flamingo’s North entrance. They brought us to their main headquarters, where we checked in and boarded the tour bus at 7:30AM. Our very first stop was at the Hoover Dam, where we stopped for 15 minutes for pictures. We didn’t actually get to go on a tour inside of the dam since we had a long journey ahead of us.

Our next stop was at a McDonald’s at Kingman, AZ. It was located right on Route 66, and was our first opportunity to grab a snack. A lunch buffet would be provided later, plus I wasn’t hungry. So I did the unheard of. I passed on getting anything from McD’s. Besides, lunch was just around the corner. For lunch we stopped at a Quality Inn in Tuscayn, AZ. A lunch buffet was provided as part of our tour, but I didn’t stuff myself like I did last night.

We finally got to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon late in the afternoon. Our first stop was at the
Bright Angel Lodge. From there we could see about 10% of the entire Grand Canyon. It was pretty cold, and there was some snow on the ground. The Grand Canyon is truly an amazing site to behold. The size and beauty of it all is pretty stunning. Our second and final stop at the Grand Canyon was at Mathier Point. From there we could see 20% of the entire Grand Canyon.

We started heading back to Las Vegas at 4:30PM. We made a brief stop at souvenir shop in the little town of Valle. Of course, Alice had to pick up some souvenir magnets. After that, it was a two hour ride back to the Kingsford McDonald’s. I couldn’t pass up on McDonald’s a second time; especially since this was going to be our only stop for dinner. We made one more stop at the Hoover Dam to take pictures of it lit at night. And then we finally made it back to our hotel room by 9:30PM. It’s been a pretty long day for us; and it doesn’t look like I’ll be heading downstairs to the tables tonight. I can give the casinos more of my money tomorrow.

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