Day 3 – 1/28 – Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon trip wore us out, so we slept in today. We grabbed a late lunch at Subway, and headed over to the Fashion Mall. It was a 20 minute walk from our hotel. Unlike the previous two days, the weather was much nicer today. It made me regret forgetting my sunglasses. It was very similar to Bay Area weather; probably in the high 60s or low 70s. On our way to the mall, Alice remarked how she liked the in-wall speakers that we passed and wanted them for our bathroom. It looks like I have another home improvement project.

We met up with Winnie and Johnny at 4:30PM and headed over to the Bellagio for dinner. The buffet there was much more reasonably priced at $28 per person. By the way, we found out the Wynn was charging a special Chinese New Year price on Monday. That explains the inflated price. Anyhow, we didn’t spend two hours stuffing ourselves this time. Although, I still probably had more than what one person should eat…ever.

We finished dinner with plenty of time to spare to catch the 7:30PM showing of O. It certainly did not disappoint. Typical of all Cirque de Soleil shows, it was packed with acrobatics and comedy. What made this one different was a stage that changed from solid ground to a pool throughout the show. Our seats were in the middle and near the back, but we were not far away from the action. It was perfect for catching all the action. I don’t know if a show is ever worth $170 per ticket, but I did enjoy the show a lot.

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