Day 7 – 9/8 – Travel Day

With a five hour flight and losing two hours due to the time zone difference, most of the day was spent travelling from Easter Island back to Santiago. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 1:00PM, but due to heavy rain, our flight was delayed by an hour. We got into Santiago pretty late and didn’t have dinner until 9:30PM. Instead of eating at the hotel restaurant again, we decided to try the a place three doors to the left of the hotel.

We ate at Del Cocinero. Feeling adventurous again, I had the Jugo Chirimoya to drink. It was a white colored juice that didn’t have a very strong taste to it. It was kind of like a very light milk. For dinner, Alice and I split an appetizer of pesto clams. Alice had chicken stuffed with asparagus on top of advocado risotto. I had the Charlotte lambs with thin slices of eggplant. All the dishes were very good, and the wait staff was extremely attentive. It was among the better places that we haved dines while on this vacation.

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