Day 8 – 9/9 – Santiago

Today was not a good day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, but Alice woke up with food poisoning. All the good things I had to say about Del Cocinero….I take it back! Atleast that’s whom I’m blaming, even though I sampled all that she had to eat and didn’t get sick. Alice tried to sleep it off, but she didn’t seem to be getting any better by noontime. We called for a doctor to come to our hotel room, and after an examination, he diagnosed it as a gastrointestinal bug. The doctor prescribed her bunch of medication for the next four days. The cost for the doctor’s visit and the medication was under $200. I wonder what the cost would be for a doctor to visit you at your home back in the US without insurance coverage. Hopefully Alice will feel well enough to go home tomorrow. I don’t think we want to stay another day even though we never got to explore the city of Santiago.

I had an empanada carne from the supermarket for lunch. Yuck! It tasted nothing like the one on Easter Island. For dinner, I ate at the hotel restaurant by myself. I don’t know how some people do it. Meals just aren’t enjoyable by yourself. I had another chirimoya to drink and saved the straw for Alice. She’s on a liquid diet and wanted the straw for her gatorade. I ordered the seafood pizza for dinner. It was a thin crust pizza with shrimp, olives, scallops, cheese, and oregano. It was okay. But like I was saying earlier, meals just aren’t enjoyable by yourself.

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